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Auto Repair Questions

Medha Godbole
Don't know whether to follow your mechanics instructions? Have a car maintenance problem you want to solve on your own? A look at these common auto repair issues will solve all your doubts.
Many a time, you might be helpless in solving issues related to auto repair. You might either be a novice, or maybe you've just come across a particular problem for the first time, something you had never heard before.
Also, it may have so happened that you've taken your car to the mechanic expecting a small tweak in its working and what you get in return is a hefty bill that leaves you perplexed. To solve all the complexities relating to the simple know-how of car repair, you can go through these common problems a car owner faces, sometimes for the first time.

Common Auto Repair Questions Answered

Q #1

What things in a car maintenance checklistĀ am I supposed to check before taking the car out of the driveway?


The first, most obvious check is that of the fuel. Then move on to the battery. It is always a good idea to check on your battery, whether it is properly charged or not.

Q #2

Is it mandatory to check fuel and battery before taking the car out of the driveway?


While the fuel check has to be done every time you use the car, the battery check can be done at regular intervals, depending on your usage. If you're going on a long expedition, always check the level of your car's coolant. Just like the fuel, always check if the brake pads are in proper order.

Q #3

What course of action should I take when I get a check engine light on my dashboard?


You will see the check engine light only when there is something wrong with it. If you have tried checking and fixing any solutions, then the last resort is to take it to a mechanic. Once he tells you the problem and its solution, you can handle this issue on your own from next time onward. In quite a few instances, the problem may not be very serious.

Q #4

When the car is taken to the mechanic, is it mandatory to follow all the suggestions and recommendations?


If you have a fair idea of what state your car is in, you can do away with the unnecessary 'add-ons' suggested by the mechanic. It is obvious that the mechanic would receive additional income if you are lured into getting those add-ons. Apart from the add-ons, always take a second opinion if the estimate you have got from the mechanic seems a little dicey.

Q #5

When is the right time to change the tires? How will I know?


Cords seen through the rubber, tires with tread wear and bulges, frequent punctures, and low performance are indications that you need to change the tires. If there is a little tread on your car tires, it is time to replace the tires. Apart from this indications, regular servicing of your car will ensure that you change your tires on time.

Q #6

What could be the reason for squeaky brakes? Does it mean that the brakes pads are having a problem?


Yes, there is a chance that your brake pads might be worn out or there is not enough brake fluid. Visit a mechanic.

Q #7

Why doesn't the starter crank? Or, why isn't the car starting?


In this case, your problem could be a dead battery. To check this problem, you can use a battery tester. This will tell you if the car battery is dead or in a working condition. If the battery is in a good condition, check the starter monitor for any fault, along with starter cables and other things connected to it.
Apart from these basic problems, always ensure that you have the right insurance and that it is renewed on time. If there are any other problems other than these, it is advised you take your car to the mechanic, than handling parts and functions you aren't aware of.