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Auto Glass Installation Tips

Fatima Rangwala
Auto glass is made up of material which is excessively damage resistant, thus it's used in cars as a windshield and is also used in other commercial aspects like exteriors of a tall building and so on. In case of vehicles, it's not just the high value of this glass that protects a driver's view through the windshield, but the material also helps to keep the roof of the car safe and sound from crashes.
A vehicle is bound to have many accidents and in the time of action, an auto glass can sometimes break or crack. This in turn would need an overall replacement for the same. So to conduct this task one needs to learn some simple installation tips and tricks to get this job done correctly at the first attempt itself.

Tips and Techniques for Installing Auto Glass

Since an auto glass installation job involves a lot of driver's safety and precautions, highly skillful professionals are assigned to deal with this job. One of the most important aspects of installing an auto glass is to set it up faultlessly. That's when all the benefits of the glass would be exhibited to its fullest.
  • When you go to a local store to buy the materials for installation, make sure your car's make and model is discussed properly so that you purchase the right material for the same.
  • Materials like adhesives are to be used in the set up. Now adhesives vary from vehicle to vehicle and place to place. They are the main material which helps to keep the glass in its place even in severe climatic conditions. So make sure its strong and of fine quality.
  • For me to share another tip with you, here is one. During the installation process if you plan to unscrew the entire windshield and remove it completely, wear proper gloves and protection in case the glass appears to be shattered.
Once you pull out the old glass, clean all the dirt, oil, old adhesives and grime around the area of the windshield. A clean area will ease your work when you plan to install a new glass in its place.
  • Always follow the auto glass installation instructions and directions present at the back of the adhesive package. It's seen that some adhesives need to be conjoined as they are applied so that the bond formed in between the auto glass and the vehicle's body is strong. Whereas, other adhesives require a pre-hand drying process before it is put to use.
  • Learning how to install auto glass is the most simplest procedure. All you have to do is apply the adhesive and tuck the new glass into the original place. Give the materials a day or two's time to bond and dry out completely and then you can proceed further using your four wheeler.
The high quality of glass and the immaculate level of dealing with the installation procedure; all, determines the cost of an auto glass service. There are skillful technicians who are trained to carry out the installation task very efficiently. But still the choice is yours, if you wish to do this task not at a workshop but at a home service station, here are certain pointers you need to take care of while working at home.

The Dos and Don'ts of Auto Glass Installation

Avoid Slamming the Car Door

Most vehicles have an airtight system. So make sure that when you have newly installed an auto glass in your car, avoid slamming the doors whilst the windows are rolled up. Slamming the car doors would just create excessive air pressure against the glass and could easily impair the new seal of the glass. This in turn would create a leakage and shift your glass from its actual position.

Not Time to Wash Yet!

Once you have installed your auto glass in your car, do not wash your car for another 48 hours. Washing can be automatic as well as hand washed. So note this vital tip and avoid any sort of unnecessary air or water pressure on the vehicle, not at least for a good 48 hours or so. If you ignore this tip you might simply damage the new window seal that has been recently glued to your car.

You Can Wait for a Drive!

If you have recently installed an auto glass in your car, avoid driving the car for more than an hour or two. The installation technique includes materials like specific glass and adhesives which needs time to settle down with the humidity and temperature of the environment. Hence talk to your car technician if so is the case and then you may use the car for driving.

Change the Wipers

Wipers are mechanical devices that constantly operate against the windshield in a car, so there are chances they might damage and create vexing scratches on the shield. This is how the glass on the windshield begins to wear out and hence needs to be replaced every few months. Take immediate action, go in for a windshield wiper replacement at your earliest.

Tape on the Auto Glass

During the installation process, usually a special tape is used to secure the moldings (windshield). Make sure you do not remove this tape until 24 hours are completed. You can drive with the tape on the car, that should seem to be an 'okay' option, but if you pull the tape off, the support the auto glass needs will be all lost.
As much as the great looks and high efficiency of this material is significant, the auto windshield replacement and repair tasks are equally important as well!