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Auto Carpet Dye

Mamta Mule
Planning to replace your dirty and stained car carpets? Well, why not grab an auto carpet dye and get set to give a refreshed look to your automobile carpets? Buy this product and dye your car carpets during the next car detailing project.
Carpet dyes are popularly used to give a refreshed look to the interiors of automobiles. Car carpets and upholstery often looks worn off and faded overtime. If your car carpet is in a similar condition and has become dirty and grungy, then it's time to work on it. Well, you always have two options, dye the carpet to give it a new look or replace it.


The first advantage of getting your carpet dyed is that you need not replace it and hence, save the cost involved in buying a new carpet. Also, the process provides you with an option of changing the color of your existing automobile carpet. Of course, the original color can be restored, but you can't have the exact shade. It will only get lighter or darker.
Another advantage is that the stains on a damaged and old carpet won't be visible after the dyeing process is done on the piece. Even the toughest of stains can be covered using a dark-colored dye. Moreover, the process of dyeing is not tough. With the latest products and kits it's much easier to work on this project yourself without any professional help.

Options Available

There are two primary types of dyes available for dyeing an auto carpet. First type is the one that penetrates into the carpet fabric and changes its color. This dye is commonly sold in a liquid or spray from. This type of spray or liquid dye is cost-effective and offers a fast job. Moreover, it also provides you with a wide palette of colors to choose from.
The next type of dye that is used for automobile carpets is aerosol vinyl which does not actually penetrate the carpet fabric, but forms a coat or layer of new color on the piece. This dye offers a thick coverage and is known to hide an array of problems like bleach stains, dark stains and faded patches.

Dyeing Process

Dyes are easily available in car decor and accessory stores. Checkout the color options and choose one according to your car interiors. Beige or black dye, choice is yours! You can stick to the same shade or go for a completely new colored dye for auto carpets.
Buying the kits that often provide you all the essentials required for dyeing a carpet is a great idea. There are many brands selling such kits which are the best solutions for DIY enthusiasts.
As mentioned earlier, dyeing carpets is not a tough task and the same can be done by yourself as well. While working on the process you must make sure that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned. Remember that the process of cleaning the car carpet is an extremely important part of the entire dyeing process.
Read the manufacturer's instructions given on the bottle or package of the auto dye. Following the directions properly is the key to get a well-finished carpet after dyeing it. You must try the dye in a corner of the carpet. While using a spray, fast movements and no-overlapping is essential to get a nice finish.
There are a number of options in dye colors which you can choose to give a cool makeover to the interiors of your automobile. Make sure that you follow the right process or simply hire a profession to get the task done neatly. By dyeing car carpets and cleaning the upholstery you can have completely new looking automobile interiors.