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Anti-lock Braking System

Stephen Rampur
Anti-lock braking systems have proven to be an advantage in preventing a considerable amount of road accidents. This story will tell you more about troubleshooting a few of its problems...
There are many systems that are incorporated in cars for preventing road accidents and other mishaps. Every system has its own characteristics, way of handling, and problems. One such system that is installed in cars is the anti-lock braking system, which is also referred to as just ABS in general.
This technology has proven to preclude many car accidents involving other automobiles or only the car itself. ABS was first developed in the 1950s to be used in airplanes, after which it became common in cars and even motorcycles.

What is an Anti-lock Braking System?

It is a setup that is installed in cars, which allows proper car control during heavy braking. After many road tests and proven records of this system preventing road accidents, ABS has become standard in automobiles manufactured today.
If you apply the brakes suddenly in a car that is not equipped with this system, the car tends to spin, and you may lose control.
ABS prevents the wheels from locking up, so the vehicle does not skid and the driver does not lose directional control. This system is very beneficial in times when you have to stop the car suddenly on slippery roads covered with water or snow.

Operating These Systems

In conventional braking systems, you have to pump the brakes manually to avoid wheel lockup. In cars with ABS, you just have to press the brake pedal firmly. The technology in the system will do the wheel unlocking and braking job for you.
When you apply brakes on a car equipped with this system, you will hear a grinding or a buzzing noise or may feel the pedal shaking. This simply means that the brakes are doing their job. With not giving much attention to the brake pedal during a panic stop, you can pay attention to steering the car to a safe location.


As this system is mechanical, you may face some problems. One of the components is the speed sensors. If the ABS light turns on, then probably a dirty wheel speed sensor is the problem. As the sensor is magnetic, it might attract metal particles, causing the signals to weaken.
In this situation, you will have to clean the system assembly. For proper functioning of the system, you need to change the brake fluid at recommended intervals.
If the system is not working efficiently or there is premature lockup, the issue may lie in improper wheel diameter. Many car owners change standard tires with sporty ones, which may conflict with the functioning of ABS.
If you have any doubts, it is recommended to take your vehicle to a reputed car repair shop to get the perfect solution. ABS functions best when you apply brakes in the appropriate manner.