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Instructions for Airbag Replacement

Neha Joshi
Want to replace the airbags in your car? Scared you might end up doing something wrong? Read through these instructions then.
The idea of a car without an airbag sounds unreal, doesn't it? It's one of the most essential safety measures we look for in cars today. As most of us have cars with airbags in them, whether to replace them or not, and how, are commonly-asked questions. There are many things you need to keep in mind while replacing an airbag. Though you might want to do this on your own, remember that it is always advisable to get this job done from a trusted car garage.


Follow these simple instructions to replace you airbag perfectly:
  • You need to remove the negative cable from your car's battery and then disconnect the electric circuit accordingly. Don't proceed further immediately as static electricity might also interfere in installing the airbag properly.
  • Take out your owner's manual and read the instructions that tell you the location of the fuses. After locating them, you need to remove the airbag fuse in order to deactivate the air bag. This fuse is in the dashboard connector.
  • Now, once the fuse has been removed, you also need to remove the steering column panel that covers the airbag. Then, use needle-nosed pliers and remove the electrical couplings that are behind the steering wheel.

  • After the removal of these electrical couplings, you can take out the airbag from its compartment. After this, you need to replace the steering column panel and reset or readjust the system fuse. Only then connect to the battery.
Now, follow these instructions if you want to replace passenger-side airbags:
There are two ways in which you can replace the airbags on the passenger seats. Either through the main dashboard panels or through the glove box. For removal of the glove box, undo the hinges on the glove box by taking off the straps.
Then, disconnect the airbag, gently unbolt it, and then slide it out of the dashboard front. After this is done, install the new airbag gently and connect it again. Then, replace the dashboard or glove box panels, and reset the negative cable and fuses in the fuse panel.
You need to be very careful while replacing airbags in your car as a slight mistake can result into something severe, accidental deployment even. In the end, I will still advise you to take professional help. Airbags are important safety measures, it's better someone with expertise and experience handles them.