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Air Powered Cars

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
A new invention from the automobile industry, the air powered car, has stunned audiences worldwide. But do you know what is it, and how it works?
The automobile industry has achieved a great feat by making a car that uses compressed air as fuel. Since the threat of global warming is growing everyday, inventors from all around the world are in the process of making better hybrid cars which run on natural rather than fossil fuels. Gasoline is scarce and is going to run out someday, plus, it also emits harmful gases which cause many respiratory diseases, and more importantly, global warming.

Compressed Air Powered Car

The engines in such cars use compressed air as fuel. The first air powered cars built will have air compressors in them. After a long drive, you can park your car in the garage and recharge it. The compressor will use the air around your car to fill itself up, bu) this would take a reasonable amount of time. If this car becomes popular, we might be able to see a lot of air refueling stations around in our cities. The air cars will use a compressed air engine developed by a French company. This engine will have tanks that would hold the required quantity of air.

Air Powered Car Project

Due to the stir caused by this technology in recent times, a US automobile company declared that they will come up with their own air powered car for America. They also signed a mutual partnership with an automobile company located in Luxembourg, which has pioneered in air car technology.
Manufacturing plants have already started producing such vehicles, and it is estimated that they will produce around 10,000 cars each year. The company is pricing the car at a very economical range of $10,000. This American car would be a six seater, with a 75 hp engine, and will be able travel up to 1,000 miles with just a single tank of compressed air.
French engineers have also started the process of making their own air car, which is expected to hit the roads of France soon. They have designed a zero emission vehicle, with an engine that is safe, quiet, and has a top speed of 110 kms/hr. The concept of an air powered car was very popular in Europe, but due to some safety and efficiency reasons, it was dropped.


  • The biggest advantage of an air powered car is that it produces no pollution at the tail pipe. With this technology, the problem of global warming will soon be countered.
  • These cars are also designed to be much lighter than conventional cars. They have an aluminum construction suit, which makes them weigh less, and go faster and longer.
  • Automobile companies are trying to make these cars available at a very reasonable price. Most of these cars are expected to be priced under $20,000.


  • The air refueling station will probably be powered by some source of electricity. The production of that electricity may or may not pollute the environment.
  • You cannot drive this car for long distances, because there are no air refueling stations outside cities yet.
  • If you are in a car accident, compressed air tanks can prove to be dangerous. To avoid such kind of dangers, the air tanks are made of carbon fiber, which crack but do not explode.