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5 Tips for Making Your Vehicle More Accessible

Finnegan Pierson
Many people have difficulty with mobility and can benefit from more accessible vehicles. But not all of us are prepared for this when buying cars and trucks. If you find yourself needing to make your car more accessible, you may be uncertain what to do. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be challenging. Read these tips to learn more about car accessibility.

1) Install Handle Bars

Perhaps the number one issue that people with mobility-related disabilities have with cars is getting in and out. Even installing a single handlebar can make a world of difference. One great option is a removable handlebar. These can be placed in the door frame of the vehicle when needed to give anyone getting in or out a little extra support.

2) Increase Storage

Many people with mobility challenges use scooters, walkers, wheelchairs or other assistive items. Having enough storage to be able to easily stow these items is a must.
A simple solution is to install roof-mounted Subaru Crosstrek crossbars and get a storage container. This significantly increases the amount of storage, making it easy to stow wheelchairs.

3) Swivel Chair

Another helpful item is a swivel chair. People with mobility issues may not be able to move around easily. A swivel chair is a simple way to fix this problem. Some more advanced seats will even extend outside of the vehicle. These are a little more complex to install and usually require a trained professional but can be done.

4) Controls on the Steering Wheel

For some people, a knob on the steering wheel can also make it easier to turn. Consider changing the steering wheel for an option with more controls on it.
This shouldn’t be very complicated because the vehicle’s controls connect to the wiring harness via a system of plugs and ports. Still, it may be helpful to have a professional perform the installation.

5) Wheelchair Lift

One of the most common vehicle upgrades, especially for vans and SUVs, is a wheelchair lift. This is often a must for people who consistently need a wheelchair.
Alternatively, a wheelchair ramp may be a workable solution. This requires a fairly large amount of space. Nonetheless, this is one of the best ways to make a vehicle wheelchair-accessible.