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5 Things You Need to Know Before Replacing Your Windshield

Windshield replacement has become so easy that it can be done at your work or home for no deductible.
Modern Times
Driving on the road behind large trucks can be dangerous, especially if debris could fall from the trucks. The debris can hit your windshield and, through no fault of your own, your windshield can crack. If this happened to you or if you have another no-fault mishap, then you should look into windshield replacement ASAP.

Driving With a Broken Windshield

If you decide to continue driving after a mishap with your windshield, you may make the damage even worse. Sometimes windshield repair companies can fix small cracks before they turn into larger cracks. But the weather conditions and the vibration from driving around can turn a small repair into a full replacement.

Full Coverage Insurance

If you have full coverage insurance, you may be eligible to have a replacement or fix done for free! If you’re concerned about your policy, most repair companies will call your insurance provider for you and find out if you’re covered before you schedule a replacement.

Your Deductibles

Many insurance policies have a high deductible that deters policy holders from using their insurance policies to cover small costs. This is especially true for windshields, because the cost to replace a windshield ranges from $200 to $400. The good news is that most providers waive the deductible, resulting in no out of pocket costs.

How Soon You Can Drive

Windshield replacement companies will come out to replace your windshield at no extra cost to you. The replacement can take anywhere from half an hour to an hour. In some cases, you can drive as soon as half an hour after the replacement is complete, due to advancements in adhesives.

If Your Replacement Is Done Properly

Unfortunately, it is hard to know if your replacement was done properly unless you observe the whole process, or take the windshield apart afterward. This is why you should always look into your service provider and ensure that they’re credible.
Don’t wait until your windshield is so badly broken that you can’t drive it. Call an auto glass repair shop as soon as possible. You will definitely save time and money by going with a credible auto glass repair company.