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5 Things You Need to Know About Your Motorcycle Tires

There's more to your tires than meets the eye.
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Motorcycle Tires 101

Have you recently purchased a motorcycle? If so, there are some things you should know about your bike’s tires – one of the most important parts of your new toy.

While Michelin tires and other brands all have their differences and benefits, here are five things that are consistent from tire to tire.

Motorcycle Tires Go Beyond Traction

Many people think motorcycle tires are only for traction, but that’s a common misconception. Your bike’s tires also play a pivotal role in braking, turning, and the acceleration of your motorcycle.

Tires are also a key part of your suspension, which helps to absorb bumps in the road while you ride.

Check Your Tire Pressure Often

Unlike other vehicles like cars, it’s important to check the pressure of your motorcycle’s tires frequently. It’s ideal to look at their pressure before any ride, and good to consider the type of trip you’re taking.

Depending on how fast you’re riding — or if you’ll be carrying heavy cargo — the pressure will need to change.

Replace Your Tires Before They Wear Out

Your rear and front tires will wear differently and at different rates, so it’s a good idea to have an extra set of tires lined up to change before disaster strikes.

Your rear tire will have its center wear down faster than its sides, while your front tire tends to wear more evenly.

Break Your Tires In

Before they reach their optimum quality, it’s important not to push your tires too intensely.

Typically, your motorcycle’s tires will be ready for peak performance at about one hundred miles, so make sure that you’re easing into your ride if you have just purchased and put new tires on your bike. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Be Picky With Tread

Tire tread is a functional component of your motorcycle’s tires, and it’s important that you pick the tread that matches how you plan to use your bike.

If you’re mostly looking at off-roading and dirt courses, a larger, knobbier tread is a good choice. Picking a more open tread will be better for the road and should wear down less quickly.
Motorcycle tires are an important part of your motorcycle and should be taken seriously.

Make sure to install and care for them properly so that you can keep having the smooth, exciting rides that made you want to purchase your bike in the first place.