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4 Important Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Sean Salamati
No one thinks about being involved in a car accident as it is painful and traumatic. But it pays to know what you need to do immediately after a car accident. Here are 4 important steps that you must take to make sure you are in accordance with the law and well prepared to be in control of the situation.

1. Call the police

The first thing to do after an accident, is to pull your car on one side of the street and assess the extent of injuries to yourself and other passengers as well as the car.

If anyone is in a serious condition, call up 911 for help. In some states, it is mandatory to call the police whether the collision is serious or not.

2. Gather information and do not own up responsibility

After ensuring safety of everyone, exchange contact information with the other driver.

Note down driver’s name and address, policy number, license number, vehicle details, and the exact accident location. Do not own up responsibility for the accident while talking to the other driver.
Be cooperative but do not apologize for anything. It can go against you and your insurance company, in court.

It is the duty of the claims adjuster to determine who was at fault by checking both the vehicles and talking to both the drivers.

3. Collect evidence and document the accident

This is an important step to take after the accident, as it will help you in getting a claim from your insurance company. Note down the names of all the police officers who arrive at the scene of the accident.

Note down names and contact details of all others involved in the accident, including the witnesses.

4. Call your insurance agent

Inform your insurance agent about the accident and if possible, call them right at the scene of the accident. Whether or not someone was seriously injured during the accident, it is prudent to consult an expert car accident lawyer in your area.

A professional can help you in getting maximum compensation and in defending you if you are at fault.