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4 Advantages of Driving an Electric Car

Here are some of the best reasons to switch from a gasoline-powered car to an electric car!
Mia Morales
Is your car a gas guzzler? Do you struggle to pay for gas every month? Maybe your job requires you to travel long distances or perhaps you don’t like the constant hassle of stopping for gas. Whatever the case, you might consider getting an electric car.
With an electric car, you’ll do good for your environment and your pockets. Electric cars offer a great solution to cars that run solely on gas and have many benefits.

Save Money

Going to the gas station every week to fill up your car’s tank can get expensive, especially if you’re putting a lot of mileage on your car and the price of gas is steadily increasing. With an electric vehicle, you don’t have to pay for gas or worry about being at the mercy of ever-changing gas prices.
The price of electricity is less than that of gasoline and is more stable. This means that by going electric, you won’t have to endure rapid price changes that come with buying gasoline. The electricity you’d use to charge your electric car is about a third as much per kilometer as buying gas for the same vehicle.
You can save even more money by installing a solar roof to charge your electric car. This will produce your own free electricity and thus, reduce the amount of energy you’re using. As a result, you won’t need to increase your monthly electric bill in order to charge up your electric car.
When you purchase an electric vehicle, you’ll also find that it’s cheaper to maintain. That’s because battery electric vehicles (BEVs) have a lot fewer moving parts than a conventional diesel car. BEVs typically have just one moving part – the rotor. You'll just need to maintain the brakes, tires and suspension on your electric car.

Have a Better Impact on the Environment

Electric cars produce fewer emissions that negatively impact the environment than the majority of the most popular cars in America. Because electric vehicles produce fewer emissions, they help reduce harmful air pollution. This provides positive health benefits because reduced emissions leads to better air quality.
Electric vehicles are also better for the environment because you have the option to use renewable energy to recharge your electric vehicle. By using a solar roof, you can charge your car during the day instead of using the grid. Even if you don’t install a solar roof, you can also use GreenPower, which can still reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Allow Energy Independence

The only way to fuel a conventional car is to buy gasoline. However, electric vehicles have more options. For example, you can get your car’s electricity from fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil, and coal. However, you can also power your electric vehicle through renewable sources such as wind, hydropower, and solar energy.

Improve Safety

Recent studies have shown that electric vehicles can be safer than conventional diesel cars. For example, many electric vehicles have a lower center of gravity. This means that they’re less likely to roll over in a collision or accident. Furthermore, the batteries in electric vehicles are far less flammable than gasoline.

In Conclusion

While the up-front costs of electric vehicles tend to be higher, you’ll end up saving more in the long run in terms of tax credits and overall fuel costs.