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3 Ways to Keep the Love for Your Car Intact

siddharth jain
Remember that time when you first laid your eyes on your new car in the showroom while taking the delivery? It was love at first sight, wasnt it? We all fall in love with our car when it is new. However, only in a couple of years, that love begins to diminish and eventually fades out.
It then results into our temptation to get rid of the old car, buy a new one and fall in love all over again.

Not many think that the love for your car can be prolonged, provided you make the right moves as soon as you buy the car. Here are three things that you can do to prolong the love for your car.

1. Regular Maintenance

The reason most people stop liking their own car is because it does not perform the way it used to. However, what they fail to address is how well they maintain their car.

As the old saying goes, 'a stitch on time saves nine'. If your car is not performing well in a specific aspect, you got to accept that, that aspect has not been given proper maintenance.
The best way to go about this is to opt for extended warranty from the manufacturer. The warranty covers all the main parts of the car and damage to them is taken care of by the manufacturer.

Regular servicing, oiling and checks ensure your car’s performance is new like, years after its purchase. It takes effort in doing so, but prolongs your car’s life.

2. Choosing Best Car Insurance

When you buy the car, the kind of insurance company you pick and the policy you buy matters a lot. While you use your car, minor damages are bound to happen given the growing traffic on the streets.

If your car insurance policy covers it all, it would be easier for you to restore the car’s condition back to new like, after every damage or accident.
It’s okay to pay a slightly higher premium and get a better policy as it goes a long way in the right maintenance of your car.

The best insurance providers have car insurance premium calculators on their websites that give you an idea of how much premium you’ll end up paying for a specific type of coverage. You can use such a facility to make your decision.

3. Colour Protection

The emotion you have for your car depends a lot on its current appearance. If the paint of your car shines and quality remains new like, your car will continue to look great.

However, if the colour fades, the car loses its charm. It’s best that you get the paint protection coatings done right after you buy the car.
It adds to the cost of your car, but in the long run it maintains the overall feel of your car and keeps it the head turner that you bought.

Ask for your paint protection options from the dealer as a free add-on while you buy the car. Sometimes, they give you the service complimentary.
Like humans, our cars need the love and care too. If you keep the right attitude towards your car, not only you keep your love for your car intact, but your car also loves you back and expresses it in the form of great performance and appearance.