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10 Famous Types Of Boats

Boating is an enjoyable and relaxing  activity.
Prajakta Patil
Dinghy is a small rubber boat. It is known as rowboat. These are mostly used by companion for fishing.
Jet Boat
Jet boat's popularity is increasing day by day because of its high speed.
Its design is similar to a house. These type are private or rented for tourists.
It is a swamp boat or plane boat. These are mostly used for hunting and fishing.
Sailboat is a sailing boat. It moves with high speed due to the sails.
Ice boat
Iceboats move on the surface of ice. During winters, these are used for boat racing.
Trawler Boat
Trawler boats are known as cruising boats.These are popular for fishing.
Fishing Boat
Traditionally, these were made up of wood, but now fiberglass boats are mostly used to catch fish.
Dory Boat
Dory is a traditional wooden boat. This is a small, lightweight draft boat with sharp bows.
Coracle Boat
Coracle is a very small boat, round-shaped and lightweighted.